Pamper your skin this winter

A lot of people in winter neglect their body, more especially their skin. They eat everything they come across in the name of the winter coldness. Here are tips to make sure that your skin is healthy from inside out.’Masefant’si Mofeli from Pabala cosmetic range gives us tips on how to take care of our skin this Winter.

Drink a lot of water

People should drink a lot of water even though it is hard to drink water accordingly in winter. Adding that people make the mistake of drinking very hot water. She recommends warm water instead and, to avoid cold water as it will result in common colds.

Use products that lock in moisture, not products that contain a lot of oil in them. When it comes to choosing products,’Masefant’si recommends petroleum jelly, creams and lotions that contain glycerin which locks in moisture. She says that at

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