People live with their own idiosyncrasies and die of their own illnesses, having and living with someone with a disorder is a more challenging, grief-filled, and painful life.

Autism is a complex disorder of the brain that impairs a person’s ability to communicate, interact with others, and more. It affects small babies; it does not affect the physical appearance of the baby but affects the condition of their communication.

’Mateboho Nkuatsana (35) residing at Ha-Mabote in Berea is a parent to a young stunning autistic daughter (8). Her daughter was diagnosed with autism when she was only 10 months after presenting the following signs: inability to smile at people, lack of social skills and struggle with movement skills that her age mates had. Before diagnosis, ‘Mateboho already suspected that her daughter might be autistic because she once heard of such a disease.

When she was 10 months, ’Mateboho’s daughter behaved like a 4-week old baby. After recognizing such signs, her mother decided to take her to a clinic to determine her daughter’s problem, she went to the Holy Family clinic in Maqhaka where she had a discussion with one of the nurses who then referred her to Tšepong (Queen Mamohato Memorial Hospital). The little girl then started attending check-up thereafter every three months.

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