Finding my drive along the business lines

We are born with different dreams in life, whatever destiny chooses for us we follow. However, not many of us are fortunate enough to follow our destined paths right away, rather, destiny meets us later in our journey. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal – it is the courage to continue that counts”- Winston Churchill. Here is a story of a determined Mosotho business woman who knows all about failed businesses but held her head high because she had her eye on the bigger picture in business.

 ‘Maphoka Lieketseng Sealela Mosehle was born and raised in Quthing, Ha-Mopeli. Her journey is slightly different from that of most Basotho children in that; she did not go to an early childhood center. “The most memorable thing about my childhood is that I was home schooled by my mom, so when I went to standard 1, I already knew how to write my name, count up to 20, and interpret radio lessons. During radio lessons, I would shout above my fellow classmates, because I already knew what was happening. This is one thing that I am proud of because it got the teachers excited and curious of how I knew the things I knew and I would tell them that I had been learning from home. I already knew almost everything we learned at school,” narrated ‘Maphoka with a smile.

The Public Administration and Political Science Degree holder realized her dream when she was working on a project at Touch Roots Africa in 2018, where she developed new business ideas. ‘Maphoka depicts that she was born a businesswoman, therefore, dreaming about it never even occurred to her. She states that she had a vision of what kind of business she wanted to venture into although she did not have enough capital. ‘Maphoka emphasizes that curtains were never part of her business visions whatsoever, but she loved them and would gift people with curtains whenever they had festivities.

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