Romanticism Era: The detrimental effects

 ‘Oh how I miss the good old days…I can’t wait to kiss the single life goodbye, wed and live happily ever after. He is my ride or die, I cannot leave him even though he is abusive towards me.’

From romanticizing entrepreneurship to toxic relationships aka ride or die marriage, kids, and the past – it is important to note that we live in an era where everything is portrayed flamboyant than it really is. If you are not an entrepreneur and only work a 9-5 job, you are suddenly not considered ‘ambitious enough’ or if you fail to forgive your cheating husband for yet again stepping out of your marital home, you are deemed not to be a ‘ride or die’. No wonder depression and mental illness are at an all-time high – because we glamourize everything and showcase only the highlights on our social media pages, not the downsides.

How many of us have felt like we were being shamed for pursuing a 9-5 job instead of an entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship has been glamourized to an extent that the less interested pursue it only to follow the crowd but end up swallowing more than they can chew. I remember thinking that I wanted to become an entrepreneur because of the freedom and millions it affords one.

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