Women & Masculinity

Women and masculinity does not essentially insinuate women with abs and muscles, instead, it suggests that women are naturally strong individuals – their power is seen in the strength of their bodies, in the beauty of their hearts, minds and souls. Their strength is seen in the situations they handle and in the choices they make; in fact, the strength of a woman is seen in everything they do. Women are special, they are phenomenal, intelligent, gentle yet rough if need be – women are all sorts of good things.

August marks the celebration of an African woman, but the reality is that women are celebrated everyday even if we are not aware of it – we celebrate women every day because it is through them that we are. We celebrate courageous women, women who are not petrified to face the world and embrace the masculinity bestowed deep in them, the masculinity that cannot be seen by the naked eye. You too can be celebrated, do not be afraid to unleash the animal in you- the one that makes your thoughts go wild and make you think you can be extraordinary, unleash that animal because being a woman is enough justification that indeed you are extraordinary. Do not be afraid to follow your passion if it leads you to a field known to be that of males, darling! If you can bring a life into this world; then you can do anything, and remember, the power instilled in you can move mountains.

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