Women’s day appreciation and Basotho New Year

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As we wrapped up this significant month in the history of South Africa, I couldn’t be grateful enough that our predecessors plugged courage, united and marched to the Union Building in Pretoria on 09th August 1956 to fight for our rights as women of colour. That act of bravery did not only influence change but it empowered women to realize their importance in society. Victory won then, was not only significant in South Africa but to the rest of the continent.

As Basotho women, we cannot exclude ourselves because that was a victory for us too. Their solidarity has influenced millions of women to unite and fight for their fundamental human rights. It is therefore befitting to salute all women of virtue in our midst who continue to make the world a better place for women and girls – we see you bo-‘m’e.

The month ‘August’ does not only mark African women’s month, but it also mark the beginning of Basotho year. I looked at my life as a Mosotho woman and a mother as I wrote this piece, I tried to understand my role in the community and my country as a whole. I tried looking at the extent to which our culture, norms and societal expectations have influenced who am. I have a lot of questions, for starters: would my life be any different had I not followed the rules?

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