Let us Shower them with Love when they need it the most

Even though most of us would never admit it, we are modern-day Basotho. We are far removed from the ways of our forefathers. Some would even go as far as saying: “we are living our parent’s wildest dreams,” I mean, look at us Basotho women and girls defining our lives beyond marriage and children. Though I speak so highly of who we have become, I am not too sure if all of who we are and how we live our lives would make those who came before us proud. Would ‘Mantšebo look like that civil servant who is chewing ‘makoenya’ during work hours instead of serving Basotho with pride?

The same Basotho she worked so hard to fight for their sovereignty against the patriarchal colonial powers of her era? I have no doubt that this isn’t her wildest dream. Never did she think her people would go on to allow crop fields to fallow and let fertile soils get washed away in tons while you and I continue to chase the elusive allure of jobs. Therefore, we too can be counted amongst modern Basotho.

If one looks beyond the modern Basotho ways of life, there is one that we have embraced: Showers (bridal or baby showers) – these are opulent displays of love for brides or mothers-to-be. Over the years, these have become flamboyant and more glamorous since they are planned with precision and detailing that is unbecoming of us as Basotho.

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