Bettering the lives of women

By: Mariki Mohale

Many people from all walks of life touch other people’s lives in one way or the other, Lintle Ramatla is a woman who dedicates her life to grooming young women. Here is her story.

As a single mother who was once a teen mom, now an artist and a radio presenter, Ichoose to use challenges I faced when I was young as an aspiration to change the lives of adolescents, youth and young women. I am passionate about issues of sexual and reproductive health, early and unintended pregnancy and self-esteem.

 I know the struggle of using my own socks, panties and toilet paper when I did not have sanitary pads due to periods’ myths, stigma and poverty. It was hard to ask for sanitary pads while I was not even free to talk about my periods.

I am creating conversations as platforms to talk about our different period stories and promote a giving spirit by leading a campaign of donating sanitary towels. Personally, I give to the most vulnerable people that feel forgotten or less valued. I believe now is the time to act towards ending period stigma and poverty. I want to be part of the global community that is taking action towards ending period poverty and stigma by 2030 because it is possible if we all play our part.

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