The 9th Annual Finite Magazine Wo-men Appreciation Awards (FWAA) are quickly approaching and with just a few days away, the mood seems to be on a high note.

Since the 2020 awards were put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s awards event will be twice the fun. With all preparations coming together and tickets selling out like hot cakes, now is the right time to hurry and get yourself one before they are sold out.

Bam Group Foundation (BGF) as the host of the awards by the manager Reitumetse Phooko, she urged people to show up for the event as they will have more to offer, “ there will be live changing and eye opening conversations from our guest speakers which will surely leave a positive impact,” she highlighted. She also stated that this is to show appreciation to women out there especially the front liners in the fight against the COVID-19 as it is the main focus of this year’s awards.    

The 2018 FWAA winner in the Community Champion category Puseletso Mphana said that the 2018 awards were first rate, superb, splendid, everything she was expecting and more, “it was an honor just to be nominated but winning the award really inspired me, I did not know until that day that I contribute positively in people’s lives every day,” she elaborated.

Mphana went on to show how the award had changed her life positively as she would always look at it not so much as a symbol of her personal success but as a reminder of the responsibility that she has towards the Basotho nation.

“I wish all nominees the best of luck, they are already winners because being nominated shows the impact one has in people’s lives,” she added.

The 2019 FWAA winner in the same category (Community Champion) Violet Kolobe mentioned that the 2019 awards were alluring and it was an honor for her to be part of them. “I was very grateful to be one of the nominees and actually winning in my category, the award changed my life and that of the community I live among as a health worker especially on dot TB and HIV clients.

 She was selected as a nominee in the Community Champion category because of the work she does for the community and she points out that she wishes those who are nominated the best of luck and they must be brave and do the best to win in their different categories and above all, they must have faith and love God. 

Finite Magazine manager Phongwazana Sakachane showed that people should expect a fun and a stress relieving event, “there will be plenty of fun and a chance to network with different potential business associates, there will be some exciting and informative information from our well known guest speakers,” she declared. Sakachane further said since Finite Magazine empowers women with their stories, our guest speakers will be focusing on empowering women and issues that affect them in their everyday live.

“Our event will be taking place during the 16 days of Activism and our country is faced with brutal killings of women and abuse, so our speakers will account on GBV-related issues and femicide as well as enlightening women on how these issues could be overcome,” she added.

With tickets selling at M200.00 and our very own well known and loved Sesotho language speaker Nomaswati Letšolo as our entertainer and Mants’alla Ramakhula as the guest speaker and Gender Activist and  many more, this is an event not to miss and a great way to kick start the festive season. 

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