Answering the calling


While others’ dream of being on stage may seem very far from becoming a reality, others take courage to go after it head on. Here is one woman who is making sure that her dream of being a public speaker comes true.

A 23-year-old Mosoetsi Mokaeane from Ha-Mabote says that growing up as a preacher’s kid who looked up to her father made her realise the importance of giving people hope through the word of God. She reveals that as a depression and anxiety survivor, she decided to come out and tell people about how she survived. For that reason, many people began to reach out to her for help.

This incident made her discover that she needs to stand out and talk about it more. She found a mentor who made her appreciate her potential of helping other people, not only through the word of God but also by sharing her journey of depression and anxiety; making them understand that everything is possible with God. She used her Facebook account to preach and motivate people.

At that time, she noticed that social media was not enough as a result, she needed to go out there, attend different events and motivate people. People would approach her after every presentation to disclose how the session had positively impacted and changed their lives or how she talked exactly about what they currently go through. At that moment, Mokaeane then perceived that she has a calling to serve and give hope. 

“Even the career that I have chosen is all about serving and giving hope. As a nursing assistant, I stand out to give hope, heal and to be there for people not only physically but both mentally and emotionally,” explained Mokaeane.

Her greatest goal is to see women and young girls fight for their mental well-being, engage in Evangelism and preaching of the word of God. Jeremiah 9:17 mentions, “Consider now! Call for the wailing women to come; send for the most skillful of them.”

Mokaeane’s advice to women is to pray more and go after what they are called for.

“We live in the world that needs prayer and powerful women who can stand out there; fight a good fight of faith. People should start with ‘I am because of God’s grace’ notion. Firstly, believe in yourself – be who you are not what the world wants you to be and above all, do what you are called for without looking back,” advised Mokaeane.

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