Minister inspects the Museum

As part of many developments done by Ministry of Tourism and Culture Lesotho, Hon. Ntlhoi Motsamai visited Lesotho Museum to inspect its progress.

At the event comprised of Sigma Construction and journalists from different media houses, the Minister of Tourism and Culture Hon. Ntlhoi Motsamai stated that she hopes that the museum will be completed by 2022 financial year. Also, she pointed out that the completion of the museum could only be hindered by factors such as lack of funds among others.

On behalf of DMT Architects, Managing Director Napo Makara indicated that the museum was designed in 2015 and it was supposed to have been completed by 2018. He added that although the museum is 85% done, the delay is caused by mainly lack of funds. Moreover, Makara declared that the finishing touches can take up to six months as they are not as much.

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