Help Lesotho mentors a girl child

Help Lesotho with an aid of its sponsors, held a meeting on their project ‘Young Mothers 4 Change’ to present its findings through covering two districts, namely: Butha-Buthe and Thaba-Tseka in a three-year term in Maseru.

Young mothers who were part of the meeting expressed how the project has impacted their lives, stating that their eyes have been cleared. Also, they indicated that the project did not only help them but it also, members of the community who had bad impressions towards them. The members of the community are slowly getting an understanding of them as young mothers.

 Among the results, it is through this project that young mothers were exposed to knowledge on contraceptives, gender-based violence, HIV/AIDS, nutrition and business. In addition, all the acquired knowledge was done in a form of modules assisted by facilitators.

The Young Mothers 4 Change project is a three-year initiative by Help Lesotho with the help of other non-governmental organisations and Ministry of Health Lesotho. The project has managed to reach a total of 432 vulnerable young girls.

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