Being in business had always been her passion from a tender age. Selling sweets in primary school was a proof that Thato Nkaota will grow up to be the self-made business woman she is today.

She is a producer of skin products that have proved without a doubt that people are impressed with the results after using them. She learned about skin products online and she took up some courses to learn more about their production. Nkaota had skin problems hence she tried the skin products of her own. “I experimented the products on my own skin then on family members’ as well as on friends’ and they worked,” she indicated.

Her products are doing well locally however, when people from South Africa showed interest, it was a dream come true for her. “One thing I love about South African markets is that those folks are willing to pay, for that reason, we just to have to increase the production because they are ready for us,” she mentioned. There is a view among many South Africans that products from Lesotho are of high quality.

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