Causes and treatment of receding hairline

Africans believe that having a bald head is a sign of wealth. Baldness starts slowly with a receding hairline, mostly in women. It is important to know different causes of receding hairline and how to treat before it can result into baldness. ‘Masake Sello, a hair dresser and owner of Jay’s Hair and Beauty Parlour shares her observations around the receding hairline.


Harmful hair products

Using hair products that contain chemicals which are harmful to the hair, i.e. not knowing the contents in the products you use on your hair can be very risky. People use products that are not compatible with their hair because of the chemicals they contain and this may create a serious damage to the hair.

Medications or treatments

Some medical procedures or treatments may also cause hair loss. A typical example is chemotherapy, which often causes a person’s hair to fall out. The hair may not fall off at once but large hair pieces may fall, and this is why most people prefer to shave it all off.

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