Looking back in 2016 when he started stand-up comedy, one cannot help but realize how much he has built his empire, mixing talent, profession and a calling. From being an actor, a comedian, a philanthropist and a thriving business man, Bofihla Paulus ‘Neko famously known as ‘Lilaphalapha’ has a reputation for delightful, optimistic and whimsical humor.

Bofihla grew up at Marabeng and he is a son to the late Mpumo ‘Neko and ‘Makoena ‘Neko. Also, he is a husband to ‘Mamakotoko ‘Neko. Lilaphalapha is an alumnus of Vista University, Stanford and Witwatersrand University.

When asked why he is so much into humanitarian work, Bofihla declared that it is because he knows the smell of poverty; he knows how it feels to have nothing and nobody to cry to. His church Bishops Ntate Matsoso and ‘M’e ‘Mamatsoso taught him and other congregants to love their neighbor as they love themselves, so he is practicing what is taught.

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