As the world continues to battle against COVID-19, we are yet again faced with another ‘monster’ of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Femicide. The rate at which women are abused and brutally murdered is very high and alarming. We hear and witness the abuse towards women almost every day and let alone the brutal killings. All these vulnerable experiences leave women in anguish because they do not seem to stop but rather massively escalate; they leave them wondering, ‘who’s next?’

Women, it is high time we put ourselves first; we prioritise our life and well-being. The major reason that we find ourselves involved in these tormenting practices of GBV and Femicide is because we value other things that we regard to be more important than us, we become so committed in a relationship or marriage so much that we lose ourselves within them; we forget about us and our feelings, but all we get in return is sorrows and miseries. Dear men, why is it so easy for you to tyrannize women to a point that you even end their lives? Women are not your toys therefore, stop victimizing them. You are because of women; please care for them, love them, protect them, celebrate them and cherish them.

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