Diva secures a gig in Lagos


One of the women making moves in Lesotho is an Actress ‘Malisema Motelle who is also known as ‘Diva’ from Leribe. She  has been casted as a star cast in the international series titled ‘Tenants’ – a Pan African series under the direction of Rawlings David Erara, and it is being produced by one of the biggest producers in the United Kingdom Daniel Ndlara Robson. Diva will be heading to Lagos on the 30th March to shoot the series and she is the only Mosotho actress in this series. She’ll be working together with other actors from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe as well as Kenya.

 A 24-year-old radio presenter and Master of Ceremonies mentions that she’s very excited for securing this acting gig and it means a lot to her as a Mosotho actress because she has always wanted to be in Lagos. She further points out that the gig is like a dream come true. Diva believes that acting in Lagos is a big breakthrough to her and her career.

“This gig is going to boost my acting career so much and build my portfolio. Having to work with the biggest producers like Rawlings David Erara and Daniel Ndlara Robson really adds to my portfolio.  This means so much to me to be the one passing a message to upcoming actors that if I’ve done it, they can do it too. I’m a living testimony that dreams really come true,” remarks Diva.

“I’ve always loved acting and I drew most of my inspiration from Sindi Dlathu. I come from a family that knows nothing about entertainment industry but regardless of that, they’ve always been supportive. At high school, I’ve always loved drama and after completing, I started doing acting auditions,” she added.

The brand embassodor started her first acting gig in 2020. She has worked with a number of reputable companies   such as EcoSure, Pick n Pay and Central bank of Lesotho making adverts. She has also been on our screens as an actress on Bophelo series on Lesotho Television in 2021.

“Don’t give up in this acting industry. It is not as easy as it looks, however, if you love it therefore, you need to focus, stay humble and be willing to learn. Be very courageous and know that you can make mistakes. I’ve been told that I’m not good enough and I’ll never make it, but I kept pushing because I knew what I wanted,” she concluded.

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