Limpho Matlakala, a 28-year-old lady from Leribe, Lisemeng 2 America is a ‘born again’ Christian and a BA (Honors) in Professional Communications holder, Founding Director of S/He Aspirations Consultancy. A Transformational Speaker, Personal Capacity Development Coach, Facilitator and The Itekole Tri-Mentorship Platform Lead at Selemela Learning Network host women second annual retreat. The Ladies Retreat is a safe space for women/females (regardless of sexual orientation) to come and learn together, bond and establish networks, get group counseling as well as support and exchange life changing information such as coping mechanisms, balancing career and family and so on.

 Limpho mentioned that many women go through a lot and men wound so many of them therefore, they need a safe space; away from men to refresh and recuperate. “A lot of women are able to relax and liberate around one another and in my experience, the learning process is always better received when people feel safe and liberated,” Limpho revealed.  She indicated that women need to meet other women who have been through what they are experiencing so that they can be empowered.

 She continued that women are wives, mothers, and professionals and so on and all these have many expectations that come with them. She explained, “it is therapeutic – even if it is only for a weekend for women to be in a space that has no expectations whatsoever,  a place that actually allows them to speak freely and be heard, play time and engage in ambition stimulation conversations.”

 Talking about any positive results thus far, Limpho stated that there have been heartwarming testimonies from the previous Retreat held in Butha-Buthe last year.  She highlighted, “We have women who have seen a massive turn in their finances, growth in their emotions management, businesses were launched and most importantly, a sisterhood was birthed so yes, these encounters are very effective in helping women.”

When it comes to growth and empowering women, Limpho pointed out that her expectations are high. “The dream is big hey; this is a movement by women for women towards a positive and healthy stand and by 2030, I would love to have positively transformed over 50 000 women in the following areas:

Emotional Intelligence

 Personal Finances management

Help them get the necessary bravery to rescue themselves from abusive environments

 Inspire wall-breaking ambition in them. I am hoping to work with passionate counselors, great organisations and movements that engage women on a safe yet fierce space. I will create more spaces; even bigger spaces. I will nurture other people who will do what I do for the sake of continuity,” delineated Limpho.

She depicts that there is also a spiritual reconciliation for people who want to be part of the retreat but they cannot afford it, “Do not worry, there are many more functions that are free; we have events such as “The Meet and Vent Hangout” and “OPEN MIND TALKS WITH THE GLADIATOR,” said Limpho. She concluded by stating that those are free events that still serve a similar purpose as the retreat. The retreat is open to females from the ages of 21 years upwards.

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