A woman of substance with her rare talent


Bokang Matlosa, a young Mosotho woman has produced Lesotho’s very own fizzy drink and named it ‘Tholoana’. The factory that produces this fizzy drink is located in Teya-Teyaneng Berea wherein the factory has a capacity to produce more than 500 liters of the product due to its fares to the market.

Tholoana, a newly produced fizzy drink brand had gone various tests at the National University of Lesotho’s Innovation Hub for it to go to the market and it is fit for human consumption. In the National University of Lesotho, this is where we see youth starting their businesses, producing, exploring young people with innovative skills for excellence. From time to time, they come up with new ideas and skills; thereafter, they pursue their dreams.

Bokang Matlosa who is part of the NUL Innovation Hub is a young woman but she certainly dreams big and chase what is hers. “With this brand, I’m hoping to challenge the best,” she mentioned. Bokang inspire young Basotho women who still wish to venture into businesses. There are a lot of them who engage in businesses such as this one of Bokang’s, people who aims high, risk takers, fearless entrepreneurial driven people.

 It is therefore, mentioned that Bokang Matlosa is well known for an extravagant syrup nectar. But, this one is branded Tholoana (a seed).  A seed that represents opportunity for better, new beginnings and new hope. One would also add that the term ‘Tholoana’ also connotes fruit. Whenever one talks of fruit definitely it makes ones mouth water and it gives a sense that fizzy drinks that Bokang produces are sweet and they invite anyone to want to taste them.

“I just wanted to explore a business that would bring a bit of cash so that I could use it to raise fund on syrup business which is more costly when it comes to production and also the market.” She concluded

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