Middle Pillars mends broken souls


As a way of uplifting broken spirits of women, Middle Pillars has held multiple conferences and sessions over years with the aim of engaging all females with counselors, pastors and motivational speakers together to get emotional help. The purpose of the sessions was to help females to know their value, their worth as well as their identity.

In an interview with Finite Magazine, the founder of Middle Pillars, Keneiloe Dikopo Lebitsa explained that one of the core reasons for forming this organisation was to offer emotional help to all young girls and women. She indicated that the organisation wants to bring together people from other countries so that they can learn and take the teachings of Middle Pillars into their own countries and also, for women who are from those countries to get help too and know their worth.

Middle Pillars is a global Christian organisation which is invented for young ladies to know themselves and their value. It caters for women who have been rejected, hurt and abused. The organisation was formed to give courage to the ladies and help them rise again and shake off their dust.

“We have helped people from Kenya, Cape Town, Pretoria and Botswana. This organisation has helped and encouraged so many ladies. Again, it has brought light to the sad souls. It also gave hope to the hopeless ladies,” designated Lebitsa.

Middle Pillars also admits married ladies. They also benefit from the encouragement through the word of God.  The married women benefit so much from this organisation through sharing their family problems and receiving strategies of winning over the challenges of marriage.

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