Filmmaker heightens her budges


A 21-year-old Ayesha Mookho Khuele from Mafeteng never relaxes in building her name to be famous amongst the nations.

Ayesha developed to fall and have passion for film at a very young age. When she was 10 years, she started to understand what acting is, but at that time; she imagined herself as a star in Bollywood or Hollywood movies not knowing that it takes so much for one to be a virtuous actor.

Highlighting on her first year at the university, she states that as brilliant as she is, she took part in many films. “I was casted as a protagonist for the film Boikano,” she said. A Digital Film and Television enthusiast mentions that the role marked the beginning of her career.

“Being featured on Boikano film, there aroused many mixed emotions around the fact that I am biracial; so, people thought that I was not fit for the character; however, the director went ahead with me and the film came out decent,” revealed Ayesha.

She was then included in another film by the same director because he discovered something impressive about her where she was casted as the main character on the film called The Title. That was when she bloomed and engaged herself in films like ‘Sekhametsi’ which she wrote, Betrayed Trust by Teboho Khomotsana and currently, she is on TV series entitled Bophelo on Lesotho Televisionwhere she portrayed the character of Zuki.

A filmmaker never rests. Her first film called Molisana scored five international nominations in the United State of America, United Kingdom, and Portugal and in Lesotho at the Tourism Festival. The second one titled TORMENTED, won the best Short Film in Lesotho Film Festival. She then did the third one which she described it to be close to her heart ‘Soul connected.’

“I have had so many memorable moments with my films, but I still feel like ‘Soul connected’ which is my recent project is currently my favourite. I love all my films and my work,” uttered Mint Photographer intern.

The TORMENTED film kept her on board to pursue her goal. The Mafeteng born outlines that after it won the best Short Film, she then had a chance to screen at the African Union to European Union (AU-EU) summit in Brussels that she physically attended but as youth representative and the feedback was astounding. However, the film in the international award did not win. “I felt a bit sad about it although it was the beginning, as a consequence, it did not break me much,” she depicted.

Ayesha finds inspiration in being the best in what she does. She states that she wants to find her niche and be able to stick on what inspire and educate her through storytelling. She believes that in the next five years, policy makers will re-consider their industry so that they can have something that is advantageous to them.

There are challenges in every industry. Ayesha declares that funding is a problem in film industry; they shoot on zero budget and nowhere to distribute. She claims that it is not as fancy as it looks because even the achievements do not come easy.

“I feel like there is nothing special about being a woman in this industry, I highly believe in gender equality; therefore, I feel that if one thinks and believes in oneself, they can do whatever they want. One thing about me,  I am a more passionate person so, if perhaps the woman wants to join the industry with passion for it, they are going to find it very suffocating, but if that particular woman has passion and determination, she can join and success will follow,” Kingsgate High School alumna advises women.

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