Setsoto Hlohlomi is a Mosotho woman who is very passionate about technology and philanthropy and she uses her skills to impact the communities. She is the Information Technology team leader for an IT consulting company and she is the founder of BasaliTech. Her journey started when she undertook the Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems and Networks at the National University of Lesotho which ignited her love for technology. Thereafter, she pursued a career as a specialist in IT infrastructure becoming a multi certified Microsoft professional in the process. She is a certified individual in IT Service Management (ITIL).

Setsoto loves to work with people because she often finds herself at the intersection of technology and people. She therefore decided to pursue her Master of Science in Management with the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign USA, as she continues to hone her leadership skills. BasaliTech is a non-profit making organisation which is based in Lesotho. It aims to democratize technology education for the youth and to encourage women and girls to pursue technology education and careers so as to secure their futures in the ever-growing technology space.

 BasaliTech has since trained young girls in website development, children in electronics and hosted the famous TechCon which has over the years engaged thousands of people (both in-person and online) through the support of multiple organisations such as Microsoft, Vodacom Lesotho, the Lesotho Revenue Authority, Facebook developer circles Johannesburg and Enigma to mention a few.

“We have also developed an online video series that discuss the importance of digital skills and one that introduces our audience to various technology careers that exist. All this was done through the help of our volunteers. Technology has become a critical part of our lives and I have always been intrigued by how it has transformed the way we live, work and play,” narrated Hlohlomi. She mentioned that with the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, jobs are evolving, and new sets of skills are required to thrive in this era. “BasaliTech was a great way for us to impart the youth with such skills at an introductory level to encourage them to take up technology education and careers; thus increasing their chances of being employed”, Hlohlomi elaborated.

She stated that they often prioritise underprivileged individuals and reaching them has become increasingly difficult as they have been forced to move online due to the covid-19 pandemic. “We expect to reach more people through our various initiatives and to eventually continue the in-person events that we enjoyed hosting,” indicated Hlohlomi.  She stated that online sessions will also be available to enable individuals with the devices and connectivity to continue to learn from wherever they are. “We hope to collaborate with more individuals and organisations as we work relentlessly to achieve our mission,” Hlohlomi sealed.


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