Woman of Arts


Some women go an extra mile when putting their talents out there. Being driven by passion and ambition, Connie started and registered her own fashion and make-up company called Cograbig Fashion and Make-up. ‘Mamokone Liphoto well known as ‘Connie’ was born and raised in Matsieng, Ha-Ramabele. She is the founder of Cograbig Fashion and Make-up business that designs clothes and it also does different types of make-up.

The 25-year-old multi-talented woman told Finite Magazine that her love for fashion began when she was in standard 5 – that’s when she started learning a lot about wool and mohair, knitting and crocheting at St. Louis.

“When I was young, I crafted hats for people and during my high school days, I also tailored dresses. I learned a lot from the tenants who lived at my home because they taught me how to knit hats. My mother used to sew clothes; so, as my love for crafts kept growing, I asked her and my sister to teach me basics of crafts. I learned a lot by always looking at my mother while she was sewing clothes and cutting,” explained Connie.

 It takes a village to raise a child; Connie is a living evidence of that. As her enthusiasm of designing grew bigger, she decided to enroll into Limkokwing University of Creative Technology to study Fashion Design and Retailoring to improve her skills.

Connie isn’t just a fashion designer. Her arts include face paintings; she is also a nail technician and a make-up artist. She has a unique talent when it comes to make-up. It’s not just ordinary make-up but its effects make-up.

“Although I studied beauty make-up at school, I got used to it and I wanted to try something new. I watched tutorials of effects make-up on YouTube and that’s where I obtained my skills of art in effects make-up. What makes me different from other make-up artists is that I do make-up illusions and in Lesotho, there are very few people who do that kind of make-up because most people are more focused on beauty make-up not effects make-up. Most make-up clients in Lesotho love beauty make-up; therefore, every make-up artist wants to do beauty make-up, but I choose to do something different,” she emphasized.

Her skills of effects make-up have opened so many doors to her career. She has scored so many gigs from film productions and different agencies in Lesotho. She has worked with Harambee Global records, Lesotho Television, Mosikong in drama series and Future heroes in an action movie.

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