Ramotoho honours girls


Qalo High school alumnus Mohanoe Johannes Ramotoho donated sanitary pads to females of Qalo High school in Butha-Buthe on the 31st March 2022 at an event which was organised by Ramotoho Trading and Consulting. The purpose of the event was to motivate and give courage to students because of the damage resulted from covid-19 pandemic on school results and performance of students. This is where Ramotoho blessed an event by donating 200 sanitary towels to girls from underprivileged families in order to help them escape the shame and disgrace of not having the sanitary pads.

 In an interview with Ramotoho, he told Finite Magazine that since he went there to give a motivational talk, he remembered that there is a crisis among deprived girls which is lack of sanitary pads and he decided to help them survive school while they are on their periods by buying them sanitary towels.

“When I grew up as a student, I realised that females face so much embarrassment when they are on their periods and they have nothing to use, especially those who are from poor families where their parent s cannot afford to buy them sanitary pads monthly. This situation struck my heart and I decided that since I’m going to give a motivational talk at the event, I should not go empty handed; therefore, I decided to purchase bulks of sanitary towels for the school to give to the females who need them,” declared Ramotoho.

A Butha-Buthe born further explained that the school is the one in charge of allocating the sanitary pads to girls who are in need since the teachers are the ones who know their student’s background, they will be the ones to select those unprivileged females and give them the pads. He concluded by revealing that the funds that he used to purchase the bulks of sanitary pads are directly from his pocket and he did not partner with any organisation when making the purchase. Ramotoho is a member of Ramotoho events décor and catering. He is currently living in South Africa, Johannesburg because of duty.

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