Matekane exterminate poverty


Woman Police Constable Nthabiseng Matekane visited Sekamaneng after she heard of a middle-aged woman who disappeared, leaving her 3 children after her boss gave her M500 to give it to the neighbour.

It is about two months now and nothing promising she brings home, no one could hold on to her. She left her children with nothing, no rent paid, food and clothes. Those children are 17, 13 and 9 years old respectively wherein a 17-year-old boy works at a carwash to put bread on the table. He has dropped from school due to lack of money from the family and currently, he looks after his siblings.

WPC Matekane consulted International Police Association about children who are less fortunate and those whom their parents left behind and they decided to buy them food as it is their mission to eliminate poverty and see that everyone has a normal life. They managed to come together as one and they helped the needy with the funds they have raised.

WPC Matekane said that they are aiming at helping underprivileged children and families, they need to see everyone with a smile on their faces but with this issue, they need to find that mother who left her children and get her side of the story as to what made her disappear. They pleaded with her neighbours to alert them about her whereabouts should they hear anything so that they could come up with solutions and assist where needed.

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