KhesyDj keeps winning the hearts of music lovers


She started playing back in 2016 and currently, she’s the people’s popular demand when it comes to entertainment. Meet one passionate and fascinating DJ who’s been keeping the consistency in the entertainment industry. She is Khesiwe Nomthandazo Debeshe, well known as KhesyDj.

In an interview with KhesyDj, she told Finite Magazine that what inspired her to be a DJ is the love she has for music, for entertaining people and helping people to unwind and find happiness through music.

“My job as a DJ is to entertain people; therefore, I am able to make people forget their problems and stress by entertaining them through music. That is one of the purposes that I believe I came for in life. For me, its more about passion than career,” explained KhesyDj.

The Mafeteng born entertainer enlightened that among all the things she always loved, she never thought she’d be a DJ, but she just wanted to be in the music industry. The idea of becoming a DJ wasn’t always her plan until she noticed that her play selection and the kind of music that she likes charms and excites people, then she tried it out and it worked out perfectly. KhesyDj was mentored by RunsetDj and SohniqueDj from Mafeteng whom she was studying with at National University of Lesotho.

Being a female DJ is never easy and it comes with a lot of challenges that are popular in the entertainment industry. The NUL alumna revealed that she faced several challenges which include being undermined and belittled by the male DJs with the negative mindset that a female can never survive being a DJ. She mentioned that female DJs experience a big challenge whereby promoters try to take advantage of them and demand them an intimate relationship when working with them. “Being a DJ as a female is not always easy especially for someone like me who is planning to start a family. Trying to balance being a DJ and a mother is a real struggle. Trying to attend events while you have a family to take care of wasn’t easy at all,” stated KhesyDj.

Although she went through hardships of the entertainment industry, KhesyDj managed to win and pass those challenges and she continued with her passion of entertaining people. She divided her time for her family and for her gigs and today, she still remains the people’s favorite DJ.

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