A natural hair clinic


There is a saying that goes, “start where you are with what you have.”People take this phrase lightly as they think that to start a business, money is always required whereas not all businesses require capital. Having dropped out of tertiary and being raised by a single mother, a 27-year-old Rosisang Matsoso from Upper Thamae narrates a story on natural hair care business.

Her services are about assisting people with proper natural hair care and promoting healthy growing hair. She holds virtual one-on-one hair sessions where she educates individuals about proper hair care and regimes that can be suitable for them. She also does house calls services where she assists people to follow regimes which she demonstrates on their hair. 

Her passion and love for natural hair was the main reason why she ventured into this kind of business. She ran a Facebook page where she provided people with all the basics on maintaining healthy hair in the years 2020-2021 but she had been giving out tips long before then. During that time, she would get a lot of messages from her followers and non-followers telling her about their individual hair concerns and they seeked recommendations of products in which they could use; therefore, Matsoso decided to open Roxie Natural Hair Assistance and Salon.

Matsoso mentioned that some of the challenges which she faces are that people want to get free healthy hair advice. Again, they lack enough determination to consistently follow their hair routines; they expect their hair to grow overnight without applying enough effort. The delay in the results leads to them giving up and it means that they no longer require her services. Lastly, people book; however, they do not honour their appointments.

“The opportunity is now. Whatever business idea you may have, you must start implementing it. Don’t wait for the right opportunity and don’t start with a mentality that dark or blue your business is going to thrive right away since you are going to face countless challenges and setbacks; however, that should never discourage you. I too was very reluctant to start this business because I believed that people would find it lame and that it wasn’t right. My business makes a lot of sense and people are gradually loving and appreciating it,” advised Matsoso.

In a period of 5 years Matsoso hopes to see enormous growth of her business. Also, a proper work place and expansion that features different services. In conclusion, she would like Roxie Natural Hair Assistance and Salon to be able to hire people as a way of combating unemployment in Lesotho.

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