Chere multi-task to help women find employment


A 22-year-old Moliehi Chere who is also known as Mondo was born and raised at Semphetenyane, Ha-Pita. Chere has two businesses: the dress making business for women ‘Fashion Diary Lesotho’ and the cleaning business ‘365 Maids Cleaning Business.’ She started the cleaning business in 2021. “In 2018, I worked in Soweto as a hairdresser, then one client wanted house cleaners that would work for her; I grabbed the opportunity and I went to work as a house cleaner,” said Chere.

She stated that she stayed for a month then left. She came back home and work at Kasi Kota then she remembered that she also has experience in cleaning and many people needed cleaners especially after hosting parties. “I decided to start a cleaning business named 365 Maids Cleaning Business because I am available for 365 days,” Chere elaborated.

She depicted that the business went well and she got many clients. In addition, Chere enlightened that for her dress making business in 2019, she studied Certificate in Dress Making at Lerotholi Polytechnic and she fell in love with it hence after completing, she started her dress making business. “My businesses are not different from the already existing businesses around but what makes them unique is how I communicate and handle my clients – their safety and happiness is my priority,” Chere affirmed.

Apart from cleaning, 365 Maids Cleaning Business helps in finding jobs for women who want to work as domestic helpers in South Africa. Chere articulated, “People normally come to me in search of helpers; so, I recommend women who are interested for such job opportunities but also, I prioritise their safety to avoid human trafficking, and so far, everything has been going well”. She concluded by saying, “for my dress making business, it is my wish to provide jobs for my fellow youths and to teach people who are interested in dress making how dresses are made.”

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