Chef’s love and success


For a living, a 28-year-old Neo Mohaleroe commenced a business in order for her to make ends meet.

She started Eats and Meets business in 2020. Her business offers variety of meals such as burgers, pasta and salads where it even does specialised meals and catering. Mohaleroe revealed that cooking has always been her passion; she saw that when people started asking her why she does not go for cuisine yet her food are appetising.

Emphasising on what she goes through in her line of business, Mohaleroe indicated, “every day, challenges come with own self-doubt, imposter syndrome and leading a team is not easy and to hire staff is so much testing.” Mohaleroe however says that she tries to improve herself by working on her self-esteem and she believes that people who are working for her are there for the betterment of the business.

Mohaleroe concluded by saying that every woman has fear to embark in business but however, they should do it anyway because if something impulses you, just get the feeling over and kick off. Life is much squatter so, it is vital to pursue the desire.

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