Aura makes it through the music industry


Aura Griffiths is a 23-year-old RnB singer and songwriter who was born in Maseru, Lesotho. She first came into the music scene in 2016 as a feature in “Secrets” by Sir Nic and soon, she became the only woman vocalist of the musical group Misinisi which comprised of Sir Nic, Melly M, T.U.R.K and producer Black Steel). Since then, Aura continued with collaborations with acts such as Dj Veenushka, H.B.K SharkBoy and frequent collaborator T.U.R.K. In 2020, Aura dropped her first project, a 5-track EP dubbed 3AM and she has just recently released her new project tittled In My Head which is available on all streaming platforms.

Aura said that she chose music because in many regards, music was her first choice since her earliest moments. She said, “I can remember being drawn to music-related things, whether it was performing to an empty back yard as a child or the consistent asking of the same pink toy  guitar as a present for every occasion, I have always been a great fan of music; I loved to sing every chance I could get when I grew up.”

She stated that it was not always clear to her that she would pursue music as a career because honestly, it just seemed rather far-fetched. “I say this because I quite simply didn’t know where to start or how to begin to make this dream a reality. Fortunately, for me in 2016, I met Sir Nic who invited me to a studio session and he featured me on my first ever single named Secrets,” she elaborated.

 She states that then something so far-fetched all of a sudden became a real possibility and since then, she just could not stay away. “I think looking at the kind of female artists whom we have here at home, especially because there are not so many of us, each one of us automatically becomes different in their own way. As for me, I am still familiarising myself with my own music and sound; trying to find the perfect balance but for now, I think the most prominent thing would be the way I write my songs, telling whatever story in my own way, but still striving for longevity of sorts,” Aura stated.

 She said that she is still very much at the early stages but especially for this new project, she try make music or write songs that could still be considered a decent body of work in years to come ( by myself if not by anyone else). “I think the fun thing with rnb is that you get to experiment and really take it anywhere you want to with blending different genres and elements of music and at the moment im just having fun with that while trying to get better at my craft”, Aura said.

Aura said that the main aim is to hone in her skills, become better at what she does, and always be able to identify growth with every new project and endeavour.  She said, “The hope is to be able to be an established artist who eventually ventures into the business side of music as well and just become well-rounded creative”. In conclusion, Aura said, “I hope that I get to grow my audience and eventually be able to perform to large crowds too!”

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