Fashion design skill bears sweet fruit


At the age of 23, ‘Maneo Masokela who was born and raised at Thaba-Bosiu, Ha-Maama produces high-quality women soft slippers.

Masokela is so much obsessed about being creative and productive at her age. She takes every risk to do the best out of her. “I learned about production of slippers at school and since then, I fell in love with it. For that reason, I am willing to give the best out of me and produce a variety of them,” she said.

She noted that this production has a lot of work in it; she meets people with different personalities – some of whom demand their products instantly, not realising the pressure that they put on me and besides, I need sufficient time to make those slippers in order for me to make the best while others wait patiently until they get their product. “This is a highly marketable product which enables me to gain and have exposure while dealing with a lot of pressure from clients. It has really shaped me into tolerating the worst situations while making the best of each and every opportunity that comes my way for a profit in return,” Masokela revealed.

Masokela further revealed that competition is very high everywhere in entrepreneurship; however, she tries her best to pursue her dreams. “I am in this to do my work to the best of my ability and I use it to my advantage to make the most out of it by staying true to my product; authenticity always beats the game. I am already a one-step acquisition of my long life aspirations, so, going to school and obtaining this set of skill improved me as a whole,” she mentioned.

On one hand, education played a vital role in Masokela’s business while on the other hand, she became a setback as it hinders the proficiency on producing finished product and delivering to clients on time; however, with the help and support of other developed business people, Masokela will be able to modify her impressive work and distribute her products to the big companies that will lead her to growth.

Masokela disclosed that there is a need to own a big firm of slipper production which will enable her to tackle the economic problem that has been surfacing by creating employment for youth. “It would be pleasing to see growth in the slipper business and becoming an entrepreneur. Success in it would again help in funding my non-profitable organisation of which through it, I will be able to help orphanages countrywide,” she concluded.

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