Kay the Lady carpenter: A woman with power tools


A 30-year-old Khotsofalang Mahlakeng who is also known as Kay the Lady carpenter owns a company that manufactures different styles of interior decoration.

Khotsofalang opened a registered Wood Shapers company that specialises in doing different wood materials like kitchen fittings, wardrobes, ceiling and movables. The carpenter said that she felt in love with carpentry while she was still in high school only to find out that she was the only woman doing ‘woodwork’ as it was called in her school.

 “As an outspoken and out-going person who loves art, I think that is why I am a carpenter because it discloses the art part of me,” she disclosed. Khotsofalang went on to mention that after graduating at Thaba-Tseka Technical Institute in 2014, she worked for a certain business for a year or two, which pushed her to start something of her own.

She told Finite magazine that even though she is a self-driven person, running the business is not easy; however, since she loves what she does and as tough as she is, she faces every difficulty that arises head-on and wins. Khotsofalang went to Touchwood in Mpumalanga to enhance her skills. She mentioned that the company is still growing very well and she would love to see it as a big supplier for furniture shops in Lesotho as they import furniture abroad instead of manufacturing for themselves.

“To women out there, there is no particular job which is suitable for women; you must stop being scared and stop questioning, ‘what if it does not work’ but say, ‘what if it works’, so try to hang in there and try harder. I love risks and I believe that there is nothing I cannot do,” she wrapped.

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