‘Mamokhaoli Florence Phakoe (Floh) is a 24-year-old woman who strives harder to find and live her purpose in this world.  She was born and raised in Butha-Buthe, Baroeng. “I left for Maseru to pursue my studies in an institute of higher learning after I completed my high school and also, I delved into business,” Floh stated.  She said that after completing her L.G.C.S.E at Butha-Buthe High School in 2015, she was admitted at the National University of Lesotho but she did not do well in her first year of study. “I took a gap year then I went to Lerotholi Polytechnic to study Civil Engineering and  I was a self-sponsoring student; as a result, tuition fees and other funds became tight at home so much that I had to take a pause,” Floh indicated. She mentioned that this is how she found herself in business trying to earn a living. “I am a bubbly, outgoing person who also loves learning. I love networking and surrounding myself with ambitious people,” she enlightened.

Ginger Zest is a locally brewed, tested and bottled ginger soft drink. “I run my business alone; therefore, generally, I do everything to have the product on shelves,” Floh stated.  She depicted that it has been tested at the N.U.L laboratory and has therefore earned a certificate of analysis.  Floh outlined that Ginger Zest is supplied to retailing businesses in bulks and it is ready for sale and consumption. “It is indeed a delicious thirst-quencher for everyone and it eliminates hangover,” Floh uttered.

Floh delineated that when she first started Ginger Zest, she was looking through social media and she saw a ginger drink recipe. “I tried it out and I also decided to make it better by adding various citrus fruit juices, that is how the business idea came about,” she clarified. She said that she wanted to share the zesty drink with everyone else. Also, if she could make this drink taste so good, why not start producing it in bulk and generate profit? Therefore, she proceeded with the idea and she never looked back.

Ginger Zest has various flavours. “We have moved from the norm of just adding lemon to adding many other citrus fruits therefore it is characterized by an amazing and refreshing taste”, Floh stated.  Floh said that Ginger Zest is in all ways unique from the details of its packaging to the contents. “In the years to come, I hope that Ginger Zest will reach every retail in the country and beyond; I would be honoured to have it as a first-class product of Lesotho”, Floh stated. In conclusion, she said that she is confident with Ginger Zest and she believes that someday when it gets the funding it deserves, it will do even better. “I would like it to be at a level where it creates employment for Basotho as its production grows”, Floh sealed.

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