Letata ventures in agricultural production


She grew up in a farming family and it has without a doubt grew in her, a 24-year-old woman ‘Mamotsamai Letata was born and bred in Botha-Bothe.

Letata ventured in agricultural production back in 2019 after wholeheartedly falling in love with it and finding a living to sustain herself. “I started by growing potatoes during my high school days level which at the end did not bear expectedly, I have lost so much in those potatoes because I did not have enough time to manage everything regarding this production,” she enlightened.

In 2021, she tried another type of production, she has been persistent with what she needed in future even though there were some hiccups here and there. She started poultry production, wherein she again discovered a very bad habit of people making debts without paying until she let go of everything. This is a very big challenge facing poultry production unless one supplies certain people or shops.

Letata further noted that she again had cabbage and pigs in her yard and is willing to supply in bulk meat and cabbage to some nearby supermarkets and shisanyamas. Besides the meat supply, she is also selling piglets for those who needs to start their own production. Letata is a woman of brilliant ideas who would every time risk in order to get what is best for her. However, this looks very good on her in her age, she is a woman of her dreams and someone who strives for excellence. “I do everything purposefully, hoping for the best. Challenges are another way of achieving what we want. I am not going to rest until I see myself supplying in bulk for the big shops such as Pick ’n Pay and Shoprite,” she disclosed.

“To women who would like to venture in businesses like this one, my only advice for you is to love what you do, do it for purpose and never let anything hinder you from your long life aspirations. Be true to your product because every business has its own downfalls, but try as much as you can to have solutions to every problem you encounter, therefore you will be able to pursue your dream,” she concluded.

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