Vuyani The Enthusiastic Model

By: Thabelang Moetsana

Meet one fascinating and smart model, Vuyani Lefoka who’s been keeping the consistency in her modeling career. She started modeling back in 2019 not knowing that the idea was so legit it would land her into some of the paramount places of the modeling industry.

In an interview with Vuyani Lefoka, she told Finite Magazine that the situation of just sitting at home doing nothing influenced her to find something to do with her life. While still at home, she heard about Miss World Diversity pageant over the radio and decided to dive into modeling.

“At first I didn’t know much about modeling, I had no idea about it. Staying at home doing nothing pushed me to go for modeling. I just needed to do something by then, so modeling became my rescue”, explained Lefoka.

The 22 year old model won the title of 1st Princess Miss World Diversity Lesotho in 2019, that very same year she won 1st Princess Miss Diversity Universe, she also won the title of 1st Princess Miss World Diversity International as well as Miss Keep Lesotho Clean.

In 2020, the Mohale’s Hoek born joined a popularly known modeling agency called Sotho Kids but eventually left in 2022. The intelligent model enlightened that her journey in modeling has been a bit challenging due to men who always try to take advantage of women in the modeling field by wanting to use them otherwise and belittling their capabilities, but nonetheless, the brave model managed to overcome those challenges and grew wiser day by day.

Whist most women in modeling always have a role model or someone they look up to, Lefoka emphasized that she’s a unique somebody who doesn’t have anyone to look up to. She just sets her own goals and accomplishes them through her own motivation without a role model. When sealing, the fervent woman concluded by advising young females who would love to purse modeling to have something concrete as their main career besides modeling and encouraged them to believe in themselves more than anything.

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