A Skill is much significant when used


Being an entrepreneurial in spirit produced positivity in business. A 28-year-old Caroline Mohoshela has created a long term business that aligns with her skills.

An accountant by profession has a business called Caroline`s Restaurant Guide. It started operating in February 2020, but it was put on hold because of covid -19 lockdown until November 2021 where it has since opened until now. It is a restaurant consultancy and events management company, which specializes in offering services including menu planning and design, financial planning, customer service training and analysis.

Caroline points out that they take part on events and food, “we organize food and beverage events in different parts of Lesotho and South Africa,” she said. Caroline Restaurant Guide has three events on the line that will be held in Cape Town Wine Tour in August 2022, Johannesburg Food Market Tour in November 2022 and Clarence Craft Beer Tour in February 2023.

She emphasizes that the business has been a bit sluggish, but it has been well received by ambitious restaurant owners. Caroline`s optimism is to work with minor restaurants in the country, and try to assist them in forming effective operations that will help them save money and see endless progress.

“I love the outdoors, I love people and for the past eight years, I have tried to use my passion to create extra income for myself on doing tour operations, organizing hiking and making smoothies,” Caroline expressed.

There are always difficulties in businesses. Talking to Finite magazine, Caroline says opening a service in this era, means a person does not certainly need to own or rent office space, as they can be very luxurious because a service can be condensed from a coffee shop or through zoom call. However, trying to do this in Lesotho is very stimulating as people anticipate that a business should have a physical address where they should overtake in order to believe it subsists, but for now the best answer is communicating on how she works and why she works the way she does. “I hope with time, clients in Lesotho will adapt with how the rest of the world functions as this will make my work as a consultant much easier,” uttered Caroline.

In a nutshell, she disclosed that venturing in to something that a person has power over is not easy as it necessitates guts and portion of confidence. A person needs to have a strategy for survival, while the business gains credibility before it starts making money. “For those who are employed and want to leave their jobs to start something new, “I would say plan your exit very carefully, leave your job when you know you can cover your monthly without depending on your business for income,” Caroline said.

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