Tapole carries her success too well


Being motivated by the ones close adds and makes a difference that can last a lifetime. Relebohile Tapole is a young woman with beautiful brain who is involved in everything whenever she gets a change.

The 18-year –old runs a business called Epiphany. It operated in 2020 towards the end after covid-19 protocols were lifted. Epiphany specializes in manufacturing hand creams, bath milks and lip-balms, it has a moderate growth and with the help of journalists, it still gets a chance to be recognized as they promote it through different sites of media.

In an interview with Finite magazine, New- Millennium alumna expressed that she was motivated by her mom because she used to look at the process in a spa when her mom was helping clients; that was when she asked herself why spas use imported products from other countries when the country has people like her. The idea of manufacturing one of her own popped-up and she wasted no time and started doing research right away.

She had to move around conducting research from people`s points of view. “It was not easy to move around and ask people but I managed, I saved money to buy the first product which is lip-balm for both men and women,” she said

Funding was a huge challenge that she faced but she had a way of solving it. Tapole has different side hustles that help her in the success of Epiphany. She invests in multiple businesses, she does nails, she is an author, a make-up artist, master of ceremonies and she is selling everything that can generate income.

“I want to see Epiphany global and even as one of the big brands like others in retail shops,” Tapole indicated. She continued to say there is more to come as it will provide people with body cream and bath soap.

St Catherine’s alumna advises women to feel the fear and do it anyway because if people are in a comfort zone, they will not achieve what they want. “Do not live around and just exist, rather believe that we are brought here for a purpose and make God proud in a way that you fight for what you believe in and work hard,” she concludes.

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