Nikkie’s Organic Products verves extra mile


Women’s pride is grounded on their skin. A 33-years-old Lerato Qhena who was born and raised in Quthing, but currently living in Masianokeng Maseru produces Nikkie’s Organic Products.

Qhena enlightened that she never stressed about where to start but instead she used carrots, mango or orange peels for her skin care production. This came after realizing that many people struggle with their skin due to problems they encounter as they grow up, wherein many of them discover skin problems and thereafter keep on trying some products which have strong chemicals added in them and are somehow causing severe damage on their skin.

She also revealed that she was once a distributor of skin care products for a period of 3 months and the fares were extremely good in the market until she decided to start her own business of producing Nikkie’s Organic Products. “As for production, I have used carrots and orange or mango peels which are good for all skin types. Though my products are not yet tested scientifically, I decided to distribute to the Asian shop since they do not demand many things that would hinder me from selling. I needed to go for testing at the Innovation Hub which I did not succeed due to lack of income, but fortunately got an advice that I should take my products to South Africa for some tests in less prices, she disclosed.”

Qhena further noted that her business had been flowing before the Covid-19 pandemic hits up, and for the fact that many people were not able to go to South Africa for raw materials, they decided to fake everything which led to the deteriorating of the business. “Back then, it was very marketable that I had to always export my products in bulk to South Africa wherein people highly recommended my product due to dryness of the skin and the pimples that may appear on their faces therefore Nikkie’s Organic Products plays a vital role. Even though I have faced a terrible challenge during lockdown, I am still up and bringing onto the market new organic products such as perfumes and arthritis medicine made up of Herbalife cayenne pepper which is tested and ready for use to avoid sticking to one product which at the end can lead to failure of the business,” she avers.

“Now that I have courage in this production, I want to see myself owning a very big organic cosmetics shop which will enable me to distribute to the local and also the international shops. I am willing to be consistent in this business because I have realized that I have access to raw materials and finished products to make my work easier and also for the growth of the business,” Qhena concluded.

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