Beyond Hope

I don’t consider myself as a great visionary! My quest for daily bread does not afford me the luxury of just dreaming concepts that could make lives of my people better. I am cursed and blessed with a hustle that forces me to be the voice that champions people’s concepts and thoughts – I must add that I am blessed beyond measure! As I get to waltz from cooperate boardrooms and carry the dreams of the budding entrepreneurs and visionaries of my 􀆟 me, I am afforded a rare opportunity to pave the way for the vision, hopes and dreams of others from the most remote isolated rural communities  right through to the overpopulated, overburdened urban communities. Whatever the backdrop one thing remains the same. It does not matter if I am standing under a tree or within a village hall.

Neither the icy cold crisp mountain air nor the pollution on infested air deters me. One thing which always keeps me motivated is: the euphoria of hope that fills the air as communities listen in on how this great vision envisaged for their community will benefit them. Despite the plethora of challenges that we face as Basotho, one thing remains constant that we are hopeful – we have hope that one more 􀆟 me, this might be the desired pathway to a better future that we have been waiting for, that maybe this entrepreneur will invest within their community and create much needed jobs.

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