What is Finite Club?
    It is a social entity that is aimed at gathering finite magazine readers together in order to share and provide knowledge to improve Lesotho’s Economy. Its objective is to empower specific women, building communities and creating network among members in promoting products through small gathering as well as creating cheaper means of marketing within its membership organizations. This club is commonly known by hosting motivational talks.
    Through its inception, the club is meant to make life easier for its members as its paramount goal is women empowerment through information dissemination. It is therefore in the long run hoping to create a poll where its registered members will purchase at moderate costs that comes with maximum benefit.

How to join

    The club is open for the public and is joined through a membership fee where members will receive their membership upon registration depending on the duration they are subscribing for.

Other benefits of joining the Finite Club:

Network Marketing
    As it has now become one of the most popular marketing trends that is flexible, affordable for people looking for part-time business. The forum thus connects entrepreneurs together to exchange ideas from set programs and business opportunities that may arise within its membership.
Relationship Marketing
    Customer service does not only end where parties exchange money for products or services, it must be developed .Here the club even goes beyond philanthropy by engaging its members in Finite Magazine events and giving them the VIP treatment.


As Finite magazine is issued bi-monthly, club members are entitle to get their copies once the issue have been on shelves.
Be part of the family where we celebrate every little joy, from birthdays to a new born.
Be the member and enjoy the Finite life style, discounted services at saloon, Restaurants, Car wash, Hotels and many more…..
Finite club is all about giving our members great benefits and offers for less. How we turn M100.00 investment into a thousands of Maloti savings.
  • If the main member passes on the following people can claim
  • Legal partner/ spouse
  • Next of kin i.e. parent, adult child, brother or sister (Note an affidavit confirming relationship is needed for parents and adult child.
  • All required legal documentation must be submitted with the claim
  • You need to have been a finite club member for 6 months
  • You have to join finite club before the age of 65
  • Finite club subscription must be up to date at time of death
  • At the end of the waiting period cover for natural event starts.

    Metcash Building, Suite 03
    P.O.Box 1803
    Kingsway Road, Maseru 100
    • Phone Number: (+266) 2232 7228 / 68927866 / 51832386
    • Fax Number: (+266) 2226 5633
    • Email address: club-coordinator@finitemagazine.co.ls

    You can also send a message here