17. 03. 22

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The most inspiring business people are those who do not work at a job but pursue a calling. In doing so they inspire the rest of us to be our best selves and to match our skills with our passions. They give us confidence to pursue our dreams. Sometimes the very dreams and aspirations can lead you to become your own boss.

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17. 01. 06

He is driven by the love of transforming fabrics into nice pieces of work to enhance the beauty of women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. The passion coupled with his perseverance are what have positioned George Molefi Malelu among the big fashion names in the South African fashion scene, a feat which has gone on to create international demand for his awesome works.

16. 07. 13

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This month’s FINITE Man is a young and fresh entrant into the counselling scene who is already making quite palpable strides in the arena thus making a name for himself while at the same time touching lives like few his age would. This is Ts’epang Majara, a budding counselling psychologist who has been working in the field for ten years and specializes in family therapy for both children and parents.

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16. 10. 24

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At one point he found himself stuck in confines of the army as a soldier, a job he held for at least three years. However, unlike most people especially his age, he did not allow those early years of doing what he did not exactly like to determine the course of his life, so he up and left!

This is Mohau Mosoeunyane, 33, of Ha ‘Nelese Maseru, a patriot and man of many talents who is slowly becoming a household name in the public speaking and motivation circles. In his own words, he notes that he is mastering the art of inspiring fellow country men and women, a job which he really loves.

16. 05. 20

IMG 1115ThabeloPitso is a businessman and entrepreneur who has found a level of success by creating his own opportunities. He describes the journey that led him to starting his own company as well as some of the key attributes of an entrepreneur.“Taking risks and constantly identifying opportunities are key to becoming a self-made businessperson, along withperseverance, intertwined with the dream,” says Pitso.

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