16. 10. 24

011016FIN096 3How many of you can recall the dreaded early years of school when the well-meaning teacher would bring out her nicely covered daily register book and take the dreaded roll call? I did not particularly like this part of school. As a child with a different name I was often source of giggles when my name was called especially by new or substitute teachers. Not only that it meant who ever walks in during or after the roll call will get punished. Let's use punished for now, I was brought up in the 80's you all know how punishment was liberally issued back then.

16. 05. 20

I have met enough people to realise that most of us have this belief that the way only to work or explore any opportunities within our land is through connections. Now, in an effort to get those doors to open, all of us clutch at all straws to become acquaintances with anyone and anybody with a perceived access to that so called person with connections.

16. 07. 13

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In my very extensive experience living with shopaholics (we shall not mention any names lest I am either divorced by one or disowned by another), I have observed that two of the pillars of retail are memories and pride. We often buy based on past experiences, or what memories that particular item invokes within us. We also buy items or an object that resonates with our values and instills a sense of pride and or accomplishment within us. We don’t just buy but we buy to satisfy our own inner need. Now for any entrepreneur to fully align their products to these needs they must be in synch with you as the customer.

16. 03. 16

The best part about being middle aged is, one has worked hard and long enough to have acquired skills worthy of recognition. These days it would seem the new Senior Management Executive or owner of a successful startup is either a former peer or classmate. In an ideal world this would be well and good, it would mean we now have reached that stage where we have enough allies and together we can change and shape the fate of our country. But this is my home land Lesotho.

With every peer, former colleague, classmate that gets to the top there are the condescending remarks from peers that plague their achievement. We all have heard those snappy or outright catty comments “Ao le bo nyeo e se le li...” Literally translated, “… so even this one is now this and that…!. Really! My favourite is when people recall their own greatness. You know that famous: “ne ke mo theola sekolong koana”. The poor smart kids love clutching onto the days gone by when they knew Pythagoras’ Theorem.