17. 05. 18

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Making a mark doesn’t have to be outstanding. Huge or small it still counts. We can all be people who make a difference in someone’s life. As human beings, many of us have a desire to leave our mark on the society we live in. We seek to be remembered for something special years after we are gone. In fact, only a gifted few are so lucky. Some may think that leaving an entire legacy requires proper channeling of our inherent talents.

17. 01. 06

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It was only “yesterday” when 2016 opened its doors to every single one of you reading this article today, and already 2017 is just glaring at us!  Little did we know about how 2016 would unfold, but we can pretty much bet that we all had plans for it!   What happened to those plans in the 366 days of the “past” leap year?  Where did all that time really go?  What we know for sure is that the end which seemed so far into the future has finally become the present and definitely getting into the past.

17. 03. 22

twin talk

Twin Talk

Sometime in February we sat at restaurant in Maseru unwinding from a hectic day. As we were chatting the day away, a group of four (two couples as we assumed) joined our table “uninvited”.  We paused a bit, but then continued to chat until eventually the conversation drifted towards our new visitors.

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16. 10. 24


Life has many pleasant and unpleasant discoveries and results, which we encounter as we pursue our God-given journey.  Some of these changes that happen in life are what we wish we could change, but unfortunately not everything is in our control.  This is a reality, which needs to be accepted by everyone.  So what are you doing to be affected positively by change?