17. 05. 18

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Parents recount the trauma brought by the M&R vaccine side effects

Bonang Motumi

For every parent, a child is a precious jewel that must be cherished and afforded all the care and protection in the world, especially when they are still minors who cannot do much for themselves. No wonder so much frustration embodies the parents whenever their precious gifts experience any kind of sickness of ailment, worse if suspect is someone’s misdoings and mistakes.

17. 01. 06

Mamakhethe Phomane spills the beans on her ‘Abusive’ Marriage

Domestic violence touches not only the victim, but the entire family, loved ones, friends, co-workers and entire communities. Knowledge is power! If no one shares, no one knows and domestic violence is allowed to prevail and spread. On the other hand, through sharing your stories you become informed, empowered and encouraged. Speaking to Finite magazine, an inspiring Mosotho woman and abuse survivor Mamakhethe Phomane spilled the beans on her failed abusive marriage. While most victims of abuse find it hard to leave the relationship, Phomane, on the contrary, claimed that wasn't the case with her.

17. 03. 22


Musician recounts her musical roller-coaster ride from hit-maker, to hooker to salvation

Martha Mabathoana, a 32 year old woman from Roma, Ha Mafefooane who was introduced to Basotho through her music some 11 years ago sits down with us on this tell-all interview. The ‘Malekapore’ hit maker looks far from the flamboyant girl we saw in the music video wearing a “thethana” (a short traditional girls’ skirt made of woven threads and beads covering just the essentials)

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16. 10. 24

In our 50th year of independence what has Lesotho achieved as a sovereign state and for its people, in particular its women? Alternatively, we could ask what it is that Basotho women have achieved for themselves. The responses differ, depending on where you look for the answer. Official country reports present one view, donor reports, one after another. The media in its traditional forms and social platforms paint differing viewpoints. Ask men and women, and their answers will not be the same as their perspectives differ.