17. 05. 18

Justice Maqelepo

Do you believe that love is seasonal? Romance on Christmas differs from romance on Ascension Day?

Different days and dates can influence the romantic mood. Take February 14 for instance. You cannot compare Valentine’s Day love madness to June 16 Africa Youth Day.

17. 03. 22

A friend of mine had decided that this February, he was going to make four dedications daily to the people he loves, by telling them so. Four people daily for twenty eight days means his target stood at 112 people! That is a lot of love to go around and I wondered where he would find all those people. This looked like a bit much and my jaded self was already casting doubt upon this mission upon hearing about it. Surely a couple of phone calls on the ONE day set aside for that, Valentine’s Day, would suffice. His take on this was refreshingly simple. His belief is that without love we are nothing and when we open ourselves to it, we experience love daily. 

17. 03. 22

Falling in love most times comes naturally and more often than not, we have little control over who we fall in love with. Love really is a beautiful feeling but only if the two parties involved are at par. There is a phenomenon labelled the “friend zone” which sees people being heartbroken by the fact that the people they are in love with have no intentions of being romantically involved with them. The belief was that females are the only ones that are capable of “friend zoning” males, however, research suggests otherwise. Below are the reasons why you may be in the friend zone.  

17. 01. 06

Love is a thing, money is another. Yet some believe that, Love + Money = Marriage.

Our subject is both on love and money in marriage and stable relationships outside marriage. While some marriages exist to satisfy tradition, religion and people like parents, close friends and influential personalities in churches, but then our focus is on financial implications.