16. 07. 13

Learning is a lifelong routeand life is a learning adventure – one never stops learning. There is a lesson in every word and every phrase. Every action and every reaction has a lesson in it. Every day is a new day, there are new encounters and new lessons – this is how I see it.

I have learned to learn, from everything and from everyone. What we do and say are lessons to others too. It’s never too late to turn and you are not too old to learn so learn from everything and from everyone. This is a personal view.

16. 07. 13

We all know Steve Harvey’s critically acclaimed book that became a Hollywood blockbuster movie, “Act like a woman, Think like a man”. While I happen to love the movie and the book and understand the ideology behind the book, I did think there is something wrong with the title. What was it, I couldn’t put my finger to it, and then voila! out of the blue, it finally hit me.

16. 07. 13

The month of August or perhaps women’s month is dedicated to a time of reflection and celebration of women who have stood out and left their mark in the world, to women who continue to achieve and be the best of what they can be in the midst of challenges of oppression and male dominance. It is during this month that often times, young and old women in and around Lesotho and the world over like to proclaim in conversation their feminism and express the need to be heard and acknowledged in the various aspects of their lives. 

16. 05. 20

Abiola Abrams African American Coach Columnist Author Expert

Does money equal happiness? This is an interesting question. Many people would say yes, that having money would mean that you are happy. However managing your money so that you can meet all of your necessities and many of your wants is what would allow people the security, which may contribute to their happiness.