Colour trends for fall: Decorating with Orange

With the weather slowly changing, it is time to prepare for cool weather of WINTER in your home. Fall decorating colours are blue, green, orange & brown. They are warm, comforting & inviting – this is the time to make your home a little warm, cozier and hospitable. If you are looking to add a punch of energy to your space, then orange is your colour. Check out these home interior and learn how to infuse your home with orange to create a vibrant space full of warmth and to add a touch of seasonal spirit to your home interior.


Orange is definitely the right colour for adding a comfy winter vibe to the living room or kitchen, because it can stimulate appetite. When using orange in the kitchen, use of space should be kept as minimal as possible, because in a cluttered kitchen, this lively shade won’t make a statement. You can combine orange and grey in the house in many different ways and the following are just some of the ideas.

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