Life has its ups and downs, and at times they may seem too challenging and too disturbing to the status quo. It calls for an adjustment of character to accommodate changes. If we’re too relaxed, and too comfortable in our space, we may never get out to challenge the challenges that life brings to us. We may realize that we’re so used to our normal that any change is not easily acceptable to be a new normal. It’s time for reflection, it’s time for a new line of thought, it’s time for change.

 As the year nears the end we’re slowly but surely getting in tune with the forced adjustment to COVID-19. When we first heard of it, it was a foreign phenomenon. It scared us and changed our lives abruptly. All of a sudden freedom to move about was a luxury. All of a sudden freedom to interact with friends and loved ones became a risk to our well-being. All of a sudden there was fear attached with breathing the air that we’re accustomed to, coupled with the frustration of some microscopic bacteria making its way at anything we touched.

 Not only was our daily routine disturbed, but our finances got a serious knock! It was now impossible to make money or earn a salary in the normal way. Businesses under lockdown had to undergo the strain of running short of supply but having to pay employees. Businesses under lockdown had to forego the norm of having clients gush in daily as less and less people were able to exercise their buying power. Some businesses had to shut down completely because they were not identified as essential services. These were the results of COVID-19 at a personal level.

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