God is our refuge and Strength

By: Reverend Fiona ‘Matefo Moea

      “Therefore we will fear not,” Psalm 46:1v2

The Psalm aforementioned is the Psalm 46 of 150 Psalms in the Book of the Bible, written by the sons of Korah who were the Levites from the family of Kehath by David’s time it seems they served in the musical aspects of the temple worship according to 2Chronicles 20:19. So because of their work they encountered some tremendous trials and tribulations. But even in the midst of those difficulties God had held them in the palm of His hand.

He revealed Himself to them and they were convinced that God Himself was their refuge and strength.” Therefore, we will not fear “, they maintained. The Psalmist applied the logic of faith. If God is a real refuge, strength and help to His people then there is no logical reason to tremble with fear even the biggest crisis. Like the sons of Korah we have the first-hand experience of God’s unconditional love, His countless, His Grace and mercy which are forever sufficient, His countless overwhelming and miraculous deeds in our daily lives, and last but not least His unfailing protection consequently.

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