1. Healthy Mind & body: Thoughts are just as important as the food we consume.

“We are what our thoughts make us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live, they travel far” Swami Vivekananda

For us to live a fulfilled life we need to be mindful of our minds. One can think themselves into a crisis, out of a bad state or into the light. We however must never live in a fool’s paradise of quick fix solutions and charismatic sweet tongued motivational speakers. Motivation ends but Will is an action. Keep your will and always think of the end game. Healthy food and a measured intake of “Cheat Treats” is always a healthy option. Please consult your family doctor or dietitian for a personalized health, exercise and eating plan for your unique circumstances

2.Devotion/ Prayer/ Meditation: However you choose to devote and pray to your higher being, however you identify religiously or spiritually, it is important to make it a key part of your life. Religion and belief in a higher power or purpose gives one grounding and purpose. It gives you a conscience to recognize the other. It makes one realize that there are consequences to one’s actions. Whether they come in the form of retribution or karma, one understands that the law of natural justice applies in all we do. All we say and all we give. Time for reflection and to pause from the hectic pace of life gives you peace of mind and lower stress, which relates to normalized functioning of your body. In all you do in 2021, remember to pause. Pray and Meditate. It is good for your soul.

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